How To Give And Get Instagram Likes.

News 12:11 November 2019:

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You may find it hard to attract many Instagram likes if you are a newbie and don’t understand what goes on in this platform. From the terms used to navigation can be hard as the concepts here are entirely different from other existing social media platforms. You should not worry because it is a learning process and every user was once a newbie. Don’t be baffled by the numbers of followers they command and those they are following since it is a process and takes time. How do I start liking posts of those I follow to make them reciprocate the same my way?

After login in, proceed to check your timeline to see all posts from the recent ones to the those posted earlier. If you find a video or a photo that interest you, proceed to double tap on it. The heart symbol will pop up and appear red at the bottom of the picture. That way you have liked the photo and you ready to scroll down for more content. It is that easy to give and get Instagram likes.