How integrating Visuals with plain Texts attract more free likes and followers

News 11:11 November 2019:

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If you are both an Instagram and twitter user, you probably love one network more; especially where you feel more famous. People who appreciate beauty go for Instagram, and so are other people who love viewing photos and diagrams more. People who love interacting with others on various trendy topics are more popular on twitter. But all in all, the most followed people on either topics post a lot of content with infographics.

This is because people love seeing photos and diagrams more than plain content. And by photos you don’t have to post your own photos to attract likes on twitter and Instagram. If you love marketing on both networks, start integrating both visuals and texts on your posts and watch how fast your social media following can get. Also note that it doesn’t matter which social media network you are in, an attractive picture when accompanied with some meaningful words is a sure way to give you more free likes and free followers anytime.